Act of God?

Act of Lamborghini?

What do “Acts of God”, a scale, and a Lamborghini have in common?

Imagine for a moment you’ve designed a scale, a scale capable of measuring precisely to within an ounce the weight of anything up to 365.24 pounds. The scale has weights, counterweights, rails, rods, and plates beneath it’s surface to retain its shape, level, and accuracy while you step on it where you should step on it.

Imagine the instructions include the proper method for placing an increased amount of and the proper distribution of more weight on the scale to maintain its shape, level and accuracy.

Imagine it included a diagram and a map and description of those places upon its surface where one should and should not place weight to ensure the proper distribution, balance, and accuracy.

Had a conversation with a young man outside of a Starbucks a while back whom I overheard saying the deaths of millions of people through earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, and other ‘earth level’ destruction was proof there was no God.

We talked.

Imagine someone blaming the scale maker because they expected the scale to be accurate as they placed all of their weight in the upper right corner of the scale.

Imagine the 365.24 pound individual blaming the scale maker for their broken scale.

Some scientists claim “Climate Change” is caused by “human activities” but do not want to take responsibility for the “human activities” of their supposed last “billions of years.”

Most scientists seem to agree that the earth is made up of tectonic plates moving beneath its surface but do not seem to be inclined to accept responsibility for the creation and distribution of humanity across those plates that may have contributed to earthquakes and tsunamis, the side effects of the plates movements beneath mis-distributed humanity.

Lamborghini makes a car.

Man buys the Lamborghini.

Man ignores the owners’ manual.

Man puts diesel in the tank.

Man tries to shove his whole family in the front seats of the Lamborghini

Man takes Lamborghini off roading.

Man neglects maintenance of the Lamborghini.

Lamborghini is a wreck.

Man blames Lamborghini.

Act of God?


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