I had been at The House Modesto since the Spring of ’73, when I asked Jesus into my heart. I use to help one of the deacons count 250 some people in our new and, then, only sanctuary at the corner of Coffee Road and Briggsmore Avenue.

Now its 20 times that size!

An oak is born from an acorn.

I was just a member like everyone else. I was one of many who believed God wanted to save our WHOLE city, not just a few hundred people.

Along with my peers, I saw men and women of God becoming knots, twisted, torqued, and tightened together by challenging experiences, becoming a net God used to reach our city.

Pastors really were the fishermen throwing and guiding the nets, pausing periodically to repair tears, strengthen knots, remove strands, and throw the nets again.

Some ‘catches’ threatened to break the nets but our pastors, leaders, admins, and volunteers all came together through times of prayer, fasting, and discipleship.

Reconnaissance or recon means literally to recognize something.

One of the things I’ve grown to recognize is a certain petrichor, that pungent tinge to the air just before it rains.

Though recon can be an incredible exercise in patience, this one is laced with a giddy anticipation.

The rain is coming.

In 1 Kings 18:41-45 Elijah prayed for rain. It didn’t come right away. He kept praying, believing, and looking for the rain anyway.

It came.

It’s coming.

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